Welcome to Lindork's Lists

Welcome to Lindork’s Lists by me, Linda Hoang.

I’m a travel, food and lifestyle blogger, social media strategist and former journalist based in Edmonton, Alberta.

I’ve been blogging since I was a kid, and in recent years have been doing it as a full-time job (in conjunction with social media strategy and communications work).

I’m considered an “influencer” though trust me, I cringe at the term too (“content creator” is much less cringey). Unfortunately there are so many bad and unethical influencers out there that it’s sort of ruined it for the good ones. That’s my way of saying I’m one of the good ones, lol.

I’ve always loved writing (it’s why I started my blog when I was young—that and, because my strict parents didn’t really let me do anything else do on the computer I went, lol). I also love using “lol” in my online writing. I think you can expect an essay on “lol” sometime in the near future.

I’ve been writing a hyperlocal weekly newsletter since Feb 2020, providing curated recommendations on things to do, eat, and know this week, which is most relevant if you live in the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada region.

But I’ve been thinking of expanding the newsletter for some time now, and 2021 seemed as good a time as any to try. The 2020 iteration of Lindork’s Lists is more curation than it is writing, so the 2021 upgrade will include more writing (which, if you recall from the previous paragraph, I love doing—lol).

I’m still figuring out how this Substack newsletter will work with my blog, as well as how free and paid content will be laid out. At time of writing this post, the idea is that my weekly hyperlocal recommendations will still be free, but I’m adding personal profiles and feel-good, original stories, as well as more of my own personal musings to this thing, where some of that content will only be accessible for free subscribers.

In summary,

Lindork’s Lists encapsulates a few things:

  • Hyperlocal recommendations on things to do, eat, and know this week (most relevant if you live in the Edmonton, Alberta region)

  • People profiles and feel-good stories covering a range of lifestyle topics

  • Personal musings on social media, culture, food and other things on my mind

Some content will be free. Some content will be paid.

Some content will be very consistent. Some content will be somewhat consistent.

Some will overlap with blog content. Some will be driven by social media.

Paid subscribers will also get access to community discussions and help influence the stories, blogs, or other content I write. There will be regular giveaways involved for both free subscribers and paid subscribers as a thank you as well.

Who knows where this will go?

If you’ve been subscribed to my previous free newsletter, I’ve imported you to this one so you can expect to still receive what you already signed up for—and the occasional more. If you want that upgraded content—more thoughtful, creative and interesting writing from me and to support me in more ways, Substack makes that easy with their newsletter subscription service. (Learn more about why Substack wants to make it easier for writers and audiences to connect directly).

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And I guess, tell your friends!

Happy New Year.

I hope you enjoy Lindork’s Lists!