What is Lindork’s Lists?

Lindork’s Lists, by Linda Hoang (that’s me!), encapsulates a few things:

  • Hyperlocal recommendations on things to do, eat, and know this week (most relevant if you live in the Edmonton, Alberta region)

  • People profiles and feel-good stories covering a range of lifestyle topics

  • Personal musings on social media, culture, food and other things on my mind

Some content will be free. Some content will be paid.

Some content will be very consistent. Some content will be somewhat consistent.

Some will overlap with blog content. Some will be driven by social media.

Paid subscribers will get access to community discussions and help influence the stories, blogs, or other content I write. There will be regular giveaways involved for both free subscribers and paid subscribers as a thank you as well.

Why should you subscribe?

If the content described above sounds of interest to you, then subscribe! It’s free to do so! You’ll also have the option of becoming a paid newsletter subscriber, which helps support me and gets you access to exclusive, paid-only content.

Who is Linda Hoang?

I am a travel, food and lifestyle blogger, social media strategist and former journalist based in Edmonton, Alberta.

You can also check out my blog and follow me on social media (Instagram | Twitter | Facebook).